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The best filtered water for aged care facilities

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The best filtered water for aged care facilities
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Filtered Water Taps
The Water People
The Water People
February 28, 2019
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Get filtered water on tap for aged care homes

Water is essential for health. Drinking enough fluids helps us digest food, absorb nutrients and eliminate waste from our bodies. Elderly people are among the most at risk groups in society for dehydration - in fact, dehydration is one of the most frequent causes of hospitalisation for people aged 65 and over.

It's vital that aged care facilities provide clean, filtered and refreshing water to residents so they can maintain healthy hydration levels. A simple way to get elderly people to drink more water is to make it easily accessible. Custom water dispensing solutions, such as filtered drinking water fountains, can be a literal lifesaver at aged care facilities.

Here are some of the best systems to provide clean, filtered drinking water for aged care facilities.

Choose the right filtered water for aged care facilities and ensure clean, healthy water is always available.

Key considerations

drinking water for aged care

Dehydration can be a problem for people of all ages, but it poses a particularly serious health risk for elderly people. Chronic dehydration can become life-threatening and cause significant health problems, including kidney stones, blood clot complications, lowered blood pressure and fainting.

Within aged care homes or assisted living facilities, dehydration is sadly an all-too-common occurrence. Elderly people feel thirst less strongly than younger people and are often on medications which can contribute to dehydration including blood pressure and antidepressant medications.

They are also more susceptible to temperature changes, which increases their risk of becoming overheated, and less able to conserve fluid due to the natural deterioration of their kidney function. Diminished physical ability and the onset of dementia can make it more challenging for older people to fetch a glass of water or remember to stay hydrated.

Being hydrated is also very important for certain medications to work correctly, and drinking enough fluids is a massive factor in health maintenance. To maintain healthy hydration levels, the recommendation is a minimum intake of 1,700 millilitres per day for elderly people. That amounts to a glass of water roughly every 1.5 hours.

Versatile filtered water for aged care facilities

Drinking water for aged care facilities will ideally fulfil two criteria: the system will be easy to use and access, and they will encourage and support fluid intake. Many drinking water systems can now be rented instead of purchased outright and come with a long-term maintenance plan, so if cost is an issue, know that there are flexible options available.

The four main water filter systems we recommend for aged care facilities are:

filtered water for aged care

One of the most natural and appealing ways in which the elderly can increase their fluid intake is by drinking cups of tea, so we generally recommend wall-mounted instant boiling water units for aged care homes, located in a place which is only accessible to staff. We like to partner these filtered water drinking fountains in a custom water dispensing solution after assessing the site's fit-out and usage requirements.

Most water filter systems can be individually customised to suit the unique needs of aged care facilities. For instance, the Waterlux Wheelchair Accessible Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain can be installed at the height of your choosing, making wheelchair accessibility a breeze.

We always suggest looking at models with light-touch front and side push bars, flexiguard safety bubbler tap (to prevent accidental mouth injuries), optional additional bottle filler tap, low energy consumption and large chilling capacities to ensure safety and reliability are simultaneously achieved.

Ask a qualified water supply technician to talk you through the different features and functions of water filter models made by market-leading brands such as Billi and Zip.

Why choose The Water People?

At The Water People, we don't just supply drinking water for aged care facilities, we set up a long-term relationship with our clients which includes taking care of their servicing and repairs. We provide the best products and solutions for a wide range of industries. We also offer the flexibility of service contracts without minimum terms.

We have been providing water system solutions since 1990 and have a broad network of service contractors based around Australia. We are a family-owned and operated company, and we prides ourselves on going above and beyond what is required to keep our customers happy. If you need water filtered water for aged care facilities located in multiple states, you can enjoy the convenience of dealing with one service provider.

We understand that each aged care facility has different usage requirements and unique characteristics, so we are always happy to arrange a site visit to discuss your needs with you in person. Our technicians are available on a 24/7 basis for filter changes, emergency repairs, and the installation of new replacement water systems.

For advice on choosing the right drinking water for aged care facilities, contact on today on [phone].

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