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The best water taps for cafés and restaurants

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The best water taps for cafés and restaurants
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Filtered Water Taps
The Water People
The Water People
January 22, 2019
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Everything you need to know about sparkling water systems for restaurants

Eating out in cafes and restaurants is a mainstay in today's society. From coffee at your cosy neighbourhood local to making dinner reservations way in advance - it's fair to say the Australia's hospitality scene is booming.

Whether you own or manage a restaurant or cafe, you're likely to find yourself looking for ways to reduce costs and make systems and processes more efficient. One simple and effective way to do this is by installing a water tap that will dispense both sparkling and regular water.

Water is essential to our very existence. It's involved in all bodily functions, including higher brain function, and our health is dependent on the quantity and quality of water we drink.

In a cafe or restaurant setting, water is usually the first thing to appear on the table or be offered by the waitstaff. Customers not only need water, they expect it - and they also reasonably expect it to be cold, fresh and clean.

Cafes and restaurants are fast-paced places, and quality service is paramount. If you invest in a filtered drinking water system or appliance, you will be able to reduce your storage and refrigeration costs while delivering a quicker service that eliminates plastic and glass bottle wastage.

That's good news for the planet and your bottom line.

Need to find an economical solution for serving filtered and sparkling water? Contact us today on [phone] or send us an online message.

Key considerations

There are a couple of factors to keep in mind when choosing water dispensers for cafes or restaurants. Aside from cost, you should think carefully about the amount of space you have available and exactly where the tap or system will get installed.

All filtered water taps have the option of offering filtered chilled, sparkling, boiling water in one single tap or a single or dual combination of these. The most popular types of purified drinking water systems for cafes and restaurants are listed below.


Popular filtered water taps

billi quadra

Undersink boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water taps — we recommend the Billi Quadra

zip hydrotap

Undersink boiling and chilled filtered water taps — we recommend the Zip Hydrotap

waterlux 8

Undersink chilled and ambient filtered water taps — we recommend the Waterlux

billi alpine

Undersink chilled and sparkling filtered water taps — we recommend the Billi Alpine


Take the time to estimate how many cups of chilled/sparkling/boiling water your cafe or restaurant needs per hour at peak times and ensure you speak to a water filtration expert to choose a water filtration system that meets your service needs.

Many cafes and restaurants now offer 'go to' water drinking stations where customers can fetch their own refreshments. A big advantage of this set-up is that it eliminates the need for your customers to wait for service and frees up your waitstaff to serve the food that is making you money.

Provided you have a water supply outlet and a power point where you wish to have this installed, it's as simple as building a cabinet (or adapting an existing one) then getting your tap installed.

You can even mount your filtered water tap on a 'drip tray' if a drain is not available in your chosen location. Drip trays are easy to clean and collect any water spills, eliminating any trip and slip hazards.

sink water faucet

Cleaning and upkeep

Sparkling water systems for cafes and restaurants do require regular maintenance so be sure to choose a water tap provider who will give you the right servicing and support.

At The Water People, we have over 28 years of experience in helping our customers choose filtered water dispensers that meet their business's needs. We provide ongoing scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs to ensure your restaurant or cafe can always provide sparkling water to customers.

We also offer free and friendly advice about how to keep your system operating at optimum level. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend changing the filter every six months.

If your filtered water tap has the sparkling water feature, the amount of sparkling water you use will determine how frequently the C02 cylinder needs to be changed.

We recommend you have a large refillable C02 cylinder with an extra one on reserve to minimise any system downtime should you run out of C02 midway through service.

However, we understand that servicing and maintenance of sparkling water systems can be inconvenient and time-consuming for people trying to run a business. We're always happy to visit your premises to assist with filter changes, service checks and break-down repairs.

Why choose The Water People?

We have 28 years of experience in our field and have provided and installed drinking water systems for restaurants and cafes across Victoria. We pride ourselves on creating custom solutions for customers that are expertly tailored to your budget and maintenance expectations.

We don't just install your cafe water dispenser and take off. We partner with you on a long-term basis to ensure your sparkling water systems are properly maintained and functioning exactly as they're meant to.

We use industry-leading software to keep track of the service history of your cafe or restaurant water dispenser and check in with you to find out if your system is proving cost-effective and efficient.

We genuinely care about the products we sell and the systems we install. All our work is performed under VECCI guidelines to ensure the safety of your workplace by licensed plumbers. We provide a one year guarantee, including parts and labour, for all our water coolers and boiling water systems.

Our filtration systems (excluding cartridge and UV lamps) are guaranteed for five years, provided they are serviced by us, as per our recommended maintenance plan.

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need refreshing, healthy and great-tasting water for your restaurant or cafe. Contact our friendly team today at The Water People.

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