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Waterworks Drinking Fountains

Choose modern hydration solutions with Waterworks fountains

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Stylish water fountains for commercial use

Waterworks delivers modern hydration solutions for commercial spaces in Australia. With various water dispensers available, Waterworks guarantee robust drinking fountains that are durable, long-lasting and stylish too. Whether it's integrated into a sporting club, gym, office space or schoolyard, The Water People provide high-quality installation services for all Waterworks products.

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The Water People are Waterworks drinking fountain suppliers

At The Water People, we work with the leading hydration product brands in Australia. That’s why we’re proud to be the leading supplier of Waterworks products. Not only will we help you find the best Waterworks fountain for your site, but we also offer comprehensive installation and repair services to all commercial clients.

  • Wall-mounted drinking fountains for wheelchair accessibility  
  • Encouraging hygienic practices
  • Optional filtration kit available 
  • Includes water bubbler and glass/bottle filler 

At The Water People, our plumber and technicians are equipped with the skills and expertise to integrate and install a modern Waterworks fountain into any public space. With our regular maintenance and repair services, all Waterworks fountains will continue to run seamlessly.

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If you have any questions or need some advice on the best product for you, get in touch. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help.

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Bringing you long-lasting and robust water solutions

The Water People have teamed up with Waterworks to accommodate high-traffic areas with accessible and long-lasting drinking fountains. With their enhanced durability, dent-proof design and stylish look, Waterworks fountains tick all the boxes. 

  • Capacity of 28-30 litres of chilled water per hour 
  • Direct access to continuous fresh water 
  • Instant filtered water when twin filter kit is installed
  • Front access panel for easy maintenance access 

The Water people are leading suppliers of Waterworks’ entire range, including drinking fountains, water coolers, and more. We offer installation, connections, electrical repairs and replacements to ensure your hydration system runs smoothly. 

We’re experts in drinking fountain solutions


The plumbers are technicians at The Water People have a strong understanding of installation instructions and can easily integrate a Waterworks fountain into any commercial space. We have the skills and experience to complete what is required.


If you’re hesitant to make an outright purchase, opt for a rental instead. The Water People offer flexible rental agreements for all Waterworks products.


A hydration system used in public will require repairs over time. At The Water People, we can easily identify any issues and provide quick repairs. Don’t get stuck with a broken or wrong system.


Our team will schedule regular maintenance and a periodic filter replacement for the Waterworks fountain. We’ll keep track of the service history and implement repairs when needed.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install or repair a Waterworks fountain in my area?

The Water People install and repair Waterworks fountains Australia-wide. If you think a Waterworks fountain is the ideal hydration solution for your commercial space, we’re happy to provide reliable installation services. No matter what area you’re in, we’ll help with your water needs. 

How long does a Waterworks water filter last?

Any filter used in a commercial setting should be replaced every 4-6 months. This is because filters can regularly become clogged with dust or other contaminants. For seamless replacement services that guarantee a fresh water supply, choose The Water People today.

What is the water temperature in a Waterworks fountain?

The temperature in Waterworks drinking fountains is usually 10℃. This guarantees a chilled water supply that stays refreshing throughout the day. This is especially useful during summer and is perfect for high-traffic commercial settings.

What services does The Water People provide for Waterworks products?

After our team at The Water People have professionally installed your Waterworks drinking fountain, we’ll provide regular maintenance services to keep it in top condition. We offer after-sales support, replacement of an in-line filter and more. We can also troubleshoot any additional issues, such as wrongly purchased items or faults.  

All waterworks drinking water products come with a three-year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. For more information on a Waterworks fountain or a potential purchase price, contact us. 

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