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Our Alkalisers

Traditional electronic ionising filters cost thousands, putting them - and optimal pH balance - out of reach for many clients. We have closed that gap. Our manual water filter alkalisers attach to your existing water filtration system in a final stage to produce a result similar to those achieved by expensive, electronic devices, at a fraction of the price.

As our understanding of the hazards of our modern lifestyle grows, so does our understanding of how to protect and promote our health. Many in the medical field now believe that environmental factors are artificially increasing the acidity of our bodies and is a strong contributor to chronic illness and disease.

While filtered water systems contribute to good health by removing both organic and inorganic contaminants, working alone, they do not increase the pH level of our water supplies. Most tap water has a pH of 7. Ideally, drinking water should be less acidic, with a pH between 8-9.5. Our alkaline water filters achieve this balance.

  • Fits most of our under bench and counter top water filtration systems
  • Increases the pH levels of your water
  • Gives you a higher alkaline level of water on tap
  • Reduces acidic toxic waste in your body

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an alkaliser do? How does it work?

An alkaliser cartridge is made up of different stages of special bio-ceramic and infrared media balls. These balls are clustered together to form a 'bed' in different stages throughout the alkaliser cartridge. When the water passes through them, they effectively alter the energy and structure of the water molecules, increasing the pH level of the water and adding beneficial minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. This process makes the water less acidic and more alkaline.

Why should I add an alkaliser to my filter system?

Studies have shown that when our bodies are more alkaline and less acidic, they are more resistant to chronic illness, diseases and ageing. Drinking alkaline water will assist in reducing harmful toxins in your body and improving your general health and wellbeing.

What is pH and what does the pH level of my water actually mean?

In chemistry, pH stands for “potential of hydrogen” and is a number on a scale from 1 to 14 with 7 as the middle or “neutral” point. pH values below 7 indicate acidity with 1 being the most acidic and above 7 indicates alkalinity with 14 being the most alkaline.

However, the pH scale is not a linear scale like a ruler. The pH scale is a logarithmic scale in which two adjacent values increase or decrease by a factor of 10. For example, a pH level of 3 is ten times more acidic than a pH level of 4, and 100 times more acidic than a pH level of 5.

What pH level should my water be when it is alkaline?

A pH level of 8 and above is considered alkaline water.

If I add an alkaliser to my water filter system, what pH level could I expect?

Most water alkalisers will increase the pH level of your water to around 8 or 8.5.

How can I test the pH level of my water?

To test the pH level of your water, you can buy alkaliser testing strips which change colour to show the pH level. Alternatively, you can store your water in a glass jar and take it to your local pool supplies shop who can test the pH level for you.

Can I adjust the pH level up or down with the inline alkaliser system?

As most alkalisers are in the form of a single water filter cartridge, you cannot alter the level up or down.

What’s the difference between a mineraliser and an alkaliser?

Nothing. They are essentially the same thing but using a different name. An alkaliser is made up of varied stages of beads that alter the structure of the water molecules after your water passes through them.

They also add essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium back into the water, making them a very effective 'final stage' filter with a reverse osmosis filter system, which removes these minerals during the water purification process.

Is it safe to give my baby and young children alkaline water?

Children and babies can safely drink alkaline water and enjoy the same health benefits as adults, however, there are some exceptions and rules to follow. As babies and young toddlers are not yet exposed to a more acidic diet and environmental toxins like older children and adults, their little bodies are less acidic and more alkaline to begin with.

Stomach acid is important to aid with digestion of foods and medications so if you do give your baby or toddler alkaline water, ensure they don’t drink it half an hour before or after meals, or when taking medication.

Baby’s formula should never be mixed with alkaline water either, as alkaline water in a non-acidic body will interfere with the body’s natural digestion functions.

Can I add an alkaliser to my existing filter system at any time?

Yes. You can add an alkaliser at any stage. It’s as simple as adding in the cartridge with some extra high-pressure tubing as the final stage of your water filter system.

I’ve just had an alkaliser installed and when I turn the tap on, especially in the morning, the water bursts out and spits and spatters. Why does it do this?

Because the alkaliser changes the molecule structure of your water, it is effectively pumping “air” into the water. When your alkaliser is not in use, a build-up of air pressure can cause the water to spit and splutter when you turn your tap back on, especially after not being used all night.

Once the alkaliser has been used for about two to three weeks, this will settle down. To reduce this, let your water run through the alkaliser frequently to fast track the ‘settling down’ process.

I have just replaced my alkaliser and the water looks white and milky. Why is this?

Air in our water causes little bubbles and a milky appearance, particularly when you have just replaced your alkaliser. This is completely harmless, and will settle down within two to three weeks.

How frequently should I change my alkaliser filter cartridge?

We recommend you replace your alkaliser cartridge every two years.

How can I order replacement alkaliser cartridges?

We make it easy for you to change your alkaline water filters and maintain your water health. We keep a record of when your alkaliser is due for a change.

If you join our exclusive Ezi Debit AUTO SEND club, we can mail your alkaline water filter automatically when it is due with no need for reminders. You can also join our email reminder system; then you can order your replacement alkaliser filters when you're ready over the phone, by email, come in store, or order them online here. It’s that easy.

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