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What's the best water filtration method for me?

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What's the best water filtration method for me?
what is the best water filtration method for me hero imagewhat is the best water filtration method for me hero image
Filtered Water Taps
The Water People
The Water People
February 28, 2019
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Everything you need to know about drinking water purification methods

We all know the importance of drinking enough water. There are apps to remind us to increase our fluid intake, water bottles to make staying hydrated on the go a cinch, and a staggering array of water filter systems on the market.

But not all water filters are made the same. If you're looking for the best water filtration methods for your home or office, it's important to understand how high-quality water filters work and why drinking purified water is better for you (and the planet).

We've put together a guide to the most popular drinking water purification methods on market so you know what to filter out when choosing a filter.

For tailored advice from the experts, talk to The Water People about filtered water taps.

Different water filtration methods

water filtration system in cabinet

There are numerous drinking water purification methods available today, and they all rely on different methods to treat and purify water. The most popular water filtration methods include:

  • Activated carbon filters - these use a bed of activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities via chemical absorption
  • Distillation filters - these use a heat source to vaporise and purify water
  • Deionisation filters - these exchange positive hydrogen and negative hydroxyl water molecules for positive and negative contaminant water molecules
  • Ion exchange filters - these 'soften' water by removing its heavy metal ions
  • Reverse osmosis filters - these move water through a semipermeable membrane to filter out and flush away even the smallest contaminants
  • Mechanical filters - these physically remove sediment, dirt or any particles in water by using a basic mesh or ceramic screen
  • Ozone filters - these purify and disinfect water by removing odours, chlorine, iron, and bacteria
  • Alkaline filters - these alkalise and remineralise water

Here at The Water People, the best water filtration methods we recommend are reverse osmosis filters and alkaline filters. Each has its own unique set of pros and cons, which we will cover below.

Reverse osmosis systems

reverse osmosis system2

Reverse osmosis works by moving water through a semipermeable membrane to filter out and flush away any contaminants. Reverse osmosis systems are best suited for domestic use and provide a highly efficient way to purify your drinking water at home.

Increasingly, these systems are also used in hospitality environments to treat water made for coffee as they offer the finest level of filtration available. They are often used in conjunction with an activated carbon filter to ensure water has as few as possible contaminants remaining.

Reverse osmosis systems can be mounted under the sink and usually have a holding tank. The main drawback to reverse osmosis as a water purification technology is that it will not remove some pesticides, solvents and metals such as chlorine and radon. The fact that it involves multi-stage water filtration can also make it more expensive than other options.

That said, if you want refreshing, great-tasting and chemical-free water, reverse osmosis systems are versatile and reliable. They can be customised to suit your needs.

Alkaline filter systems

alkaliser system

Alkaline water promotes a neutral pH level in the body, tastes great, and is completely natural. Alkaline water has a naturally high pH level ranging anywhere from 8 to 9.5. The average diet of most people consists of foods that are highly acidic with a range between 3.3 to 5.

By drinking alkaline water instead of tap water, you can help your body find the natural balance that it craves. Alkaline water is full of healthy electrolytes for vitality and mineralised for optimum hydration. Many even believe it tastes better and sweeter than regular water due to the mineral hydrates.

An alkaline filter system is best suited to domestic purposes. Top-of-the-line systems like the Aquakleen In Line Alkaliser/Mineraliser are easy to connect to your existing water filter system or water supply.

The main drawback to alkaline filtration systems is that many use forced electro-magnetic ionisation rather than natural ionisation. For this reason, we always recommend consulting a water expert if you're considering purchasing an alkaline filter system.

Why choose The Water People?

If you're keen to find the best water filtration method for your home or office, we can help you narrow down your options so you get the right long-term solution. In the long run, reverse osmosis may be your best bet for clean, filtered water on tap, but we will guide you through each and every option available on the market to design you a custom drinking water solution.

We have 28 years of experience in the water supply industry and have extensive experience dealing with tricky circumstances and unusual fit-outs. We pride ourselves on providing custom solutions, not pushing products, and stock a select range of premium brands including Zip and Billi. All the brands we carry have well-earned reputations for innovative designs and industry-leading technology.

Whether you want chilled, boiling, ambient or sparkling water on tap, we can help you choose the right water filtration method for you. Call us today on [phone].

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