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How to keep your filtered water tap clean

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How to keep your filtered water tap clean
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Filtered Water Taps
The Water People
The Water People
July 10, 2019
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Filtered water tap cleaning and maintenance

Water is essential to life and health. Our bodies depend on it to carry precious nutrients to our cells and remove toxins. We owe it to ourselves to ensure the water we drink is pure and clean.

Unfortunately, the appearance of water is no guarantee that it is safe to drink. Although Australia’s treated drinking water follows strict health guidelines, its quality varies widely by region and even between suburbs, as well as from day to day.

According to consumer advocacy group Choice, bottled water is no safer to drink than tap water. Fortunately, purifying your own drinking water is easy, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly with a high-quality filtered water tap in your home, office, school or gym.

Do you have a tap that needs cleaning or maintenance? Get in touch with The Water People for fast and efficient drinking filtered water tap servicing.

Keeping your filtered water tap clean

If you have a filtered water tap, it’s probably in constant demand. Over time, you may notice your tap becomes stained through constant use. Spilled beverages, grease marks, foodstuffs, and fingerprints can all dirty the surface of your dispenser.

However, keeping it clean is easy. Simply wiping the tap down with a damp cloth is usually enough to get the job done. When it's time to clean your tap dispenser, avoid using caustic cleaners. Instead, treat the surface like glass, and use a gentle cleaner like Windex.

General maintenance

Filtered water tap

Any filtered water system also requires regular maintenance that should only be completed by a professional. This includes cleaning water lines and reservoirs, checking fixtures for wear, and ensuring pumps and valves are in good working order.

Whether your filtered water tap is an under-sink system or bench-mounted, wall-mounted or free-standing, The Water People’s expert technicians can provide servicing on a regular schedule, taking care of all filter changes, safety checks and preventive maintenance.

Our service teams also respond rapidly to call-outs. If you experience one of the following issues, you should call us as soon as possible to have the problem fixed:

  • Slow-flowing water
  • Unusual tastes or odours
  • Tap not dispensing water at the correct temperature
  • Leaking from the tap
  • Leaking under the sink

Choosing the right filter

Filter water

With such a wide range of filters available for drinking water systems, talking to the experts at The Water People will ensure you get the right product for your needs.

Many off-the-shelf water filtration products claim to purify water, but they may only remove one or two contaminants. A good-quality filter system ensures your drinking water is free of:

  • Odours and bad taste
  • Sediment like dirt, rust, and sand
  • Chlorine and chloramine
  • Pollutants such as lead, pesticides, arsenic and other heavy metals
  • Microbes including E. coli, cysts, giardia and viruses

Don't want fluroide in your drinking water? Our specialised water filter systems can remove it entirely.. Our filter systems can also include alkalisers, which provide the added health benefits of a higher PH level, making your water less acidic.

Filter quality

Most of our water filters are USA-manufactured and NSF-certified. The USA has a reputation as world leaders for their water filter quality, and if you are purchasing USA-made filters which are NSF-certified you can be sure you are getting a quality product.

However we also recommend other filters which meet all Australian standards and still do a great job at a fraction of the price.

Making it easy

Water filters are consumable items, and to keep your drinking water pure its necessary to change them regularly. As a general rule, filters in the workplace should be changed every three to six months, and filters in the home at least every 12 months.

However, this can vary depending on the degree of use and the type of water filter system you have. Contact us and we'll discuss your situation and give you advice.

To make it easy for you to maintain the purity of your drinking water, we keep records of when your filters are due for a change and provide you with three options:

  • You can replace your filters yourself. We can mail your filters out to you when they are due, and we do not charge any postage.
  • We email when your filters are due and you can order over the phone or online.
  • The Water People's technicians can take care of filter changes for you.

The Water People offers fast on-site service. We keep our fees low and we find the most cost-effective way to service your system. If your system is no longer worth the cost of repairs, we'll tell you.

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