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Why drinking taps for schools are an education essential

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Why drinking taps for schools are an education essential
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Drinking Fountains
The Water People
The Water People
January 6, 2019
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All learning establishments can benefit from having a serviced network of school water bubblers

Drinking water: the substance of life and learning

Navigating the waters of education can be difficult. There’s plenty of pressure on all stakeholders to learn, to perform and to achieve at their peak.

One of the most important services a school can provide is pure, clean and clear drinking water for students and staff.

Drinking water is essential to life. It is involved in all bodily functions, especially the higher brain function required for learning.

It is estimated that most mature adults lose between 2.5 and 3 litres per day. In order for people of all ages to learn and perform, this water needs to be replaced as quickly as it is lost.

Dehydration is increasingly common in Australia, with up to 80 per cent of people reporting symptoms like lethargy and loss of energy every day.

Giving everyone what they need to succeed

Education and good hydration go hand in hand. So what are some market-leading solutions that education providers can look to?

There are plenty of options to serve your needs, from boiling and chilled taps, to school drinking fountains, to full filtration systems.

  • Filtered water taps deliver hot and cold drinking water at the press of a button. The unit is hidden away leaving only one tap over the sink.
  • Water coolers are versatile floor standing and counter top solutions that only require a single power point to operate.
  • Drinking fountains are ideal hydration stations for indoors and outdoors. They are strong and sturdy, and offer a continual supply of chilled water.
  • Wall mounted instant boiling units are easily accessible and incredibly efficient. These systems provide hot water with efficiency and safety.
  • Undersink filters provide a concealed purification system providing crystal clear results, every single time.

If you are looking to install a new system at your institution, there are several things you should consider:

  1. Size and scale: how many students and faculty will the system be servicing?
  2. Climate: is it particularly hot or cold at your location?
  3. Suitability: what is the best model for what you want to achieve?
  4. Safety: are there any safety factors that should be considered?

As market-leading experts in drinking water, The Water People can perform a full audit of your establishment and discern the best possible plan for installation and service.

school water bubblers

A good system only performs as well as it's cared for

In the warm Australian climate, drinking taps for schools are an absolute necessity. But you also need to think about the maintenance that's involved.

Having a fully functional drinking water system goes beyond providing students and faculty with cold and hot water at their leisure. Proper service keeps everyone safe.

A poorly managed system can be at risk of flooding, short circuiting, or voiding any number of Occupational Health and Safety benchmarks.

While some establishments have on-site maintenance teams, many don’t have the luxury of dedication and expertise.

Drinking taps for schools are complex and difficult to service, and often require the keen eye of a professional. Here are just some of the benefits for leaving the maintenance to a dedicated expert:

  1. In-depth product and industry knowledge.
  2. Improved water health quality year-round.
  3. Less system shutdown time.
  4. Diligent service record keeping.

Case Study: La Trobe University

drinking taps for schools

La Trobe University sought a new provider to service their drinking water systems – one that could deliver a solution that would overcome several challenges, including not having a solid record of service.

Spanning three days and 300 hectares at the Bundoora campus, The Water People performed an on-site system audit that thoroughly inspected all of their drinking fountain systems.

After a comprehensive tender process, we provided supply and service of 50 rental systems, and ongoing maintenance for all existing owned systems.

In order to facilitate this handover in a timely and stress-free manner, we installed all systems in a two-week period during a holiday break.

Our strong, ongoing relationship with La Trobe University has seen us service and maintain over 200 systems since 2015.

Why choose The Water People?

The Water People are industry experts on drinking water with 28 years of experience in our field.

We know that quality education must be supported by proper hydration, and we take immense pride in providing our service to educators around the country.

Outsourcing the maintenance of your system to us guarantees you:

  • A team of trained and committed professionals.
  • Industry-leading software and methods.
  • Tender process, installation and removal of old systems.
  • Regular filter changes, servicing and maintenance check-ups.
  • Tailored rental solutions based on your needs.
  • Quick turn-around times.
  • No lock-in contracts.

Our comprehensive service can facilitate multiple campuses in different areas, making sure that you are still receiving the same quality support at all locations.

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