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Expert advice

We can help you choose the right system for your specific needs. We consider what you want to filter out, and the quality of the water in your location to recommend the right solution for you.

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Customer service

We do everything we can to help you get the best result, from answering any questions you have to providing fast delivery Australia wide. It's all part of the service.

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Premium products

We choose our products carefully. All our products come from industry leading brands and are backed by manufacturer warranties.

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Prompt delivery

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Our range of whole house water systems

Our Whole House Water Filters

Why just filter your drinking water at your kitchen sink when all water outlets in your home or building can be filtered. All from one source. Home, office, medical or manufacturing. We have the right solution for you.

As filtration requirements differ from mains connected water (treated) or tank/fresh water (untreated) we can custom design the right filtration system to suit your individual needs.

A whole house or building water filtration system ensures you have clean filtered water from all water outlets. Whether it be drinking, bath, shower or laundry, not only is your entire family protected, so are your expensive appliances by minimising residue build up from unfiltered water.

Our whole house water filter systems are conveniently installed along the side of your building and come complete with pressure gauges, so there is no need for guess work when it comes to filter changes. We have single, twin and triple systems depending on your needs. They're practical and convenient. Now that's a smart idea!

Benefits of installing a Whole House Water Filter System:

  • Every water outlet in your home is filtered to suit your unique requirements
  • Using filtered water can protect your household appliances from residue build up, potentially prolonging their life
  • Your bath, shower, laundry and sinks use filtered water, protecting you from harmful contaminants both internally and externally on your body
  • Your entire family is protected while all of your internal water supply is filtered, giving you peace of mind

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order replacement filter cartridges?

When you purchase a whole house water filter system from us, we keep a record of each filter you have. These are available to purchase through our online store, or by calling us or sending an email. We post Australia wide so replacement filters are easy.

Can you install my whole house water filter for me?

A whole house water filter requires a licensed plumber and may require digging trenches and pipework. This depends on the nature of the water supply on your property.

We recommend you contact your local plumber to conduct a site inspection and quote for the works. We deliver Australia wide so your system can be ready when you are.

What does a whole house water filter system remove?

The most common filters suitable for a whole house filtration system include:

  • Sediment filters – These range in micron size and act as a sieve that reduces dirt, rust, sand, and particles. It's usually best to reduce sediment in two stages to prevent blocking your filters and reducing your water pressure.
  • Carbon filters – Ranging in micron size, these reduce chlorine and chloramines. Smaller micron carbon filters, such as filters smaller than one micron, will also reduce heavy metals. However, we don't always recommend filters this small because they may reduce your water pressure too much.
  • Bacteria filters – These reduce bacteria, viruses and water borne cysts. Bacteria filters are only required for properties using tank or fresh water supply as it is unchlorinated.
  • Fluoride removal – These are only effective in speciality activated alumina, ceramic or bone char media. Unless you move to a whole house reverse osmosis filter system, it is not recommended as a single drop in filter. This type of filtration requires 'contact time' with the media to be effective, which is not possible in a whole house water filter system.

Do you have a whole house system that treats tank water?

Yes. Most people with fresh or untreated water have different concerns to mains treated water. For premium whole house filtration at the top of the range, a 3 stage system plus UV filter will sterilise water for your whole house and ensure it's free from:

  • bacteria, viruses, and cysts
  • Heavy metals
  • Organic and inorganic chemicals
  • Guinea worm
  • Arsenic
  • Most other fresh water contaminants

At the other end of the scale, you may just want sediment removed from your whole house. A twin filter system should be sufficient, and you can use a specialty under sink system to treat your drinking water such as the Aquakleen Twin Bacteria Filter system.

When should I consider a whole house water filter system?

A whole house water filter system ensures that every point of water supply throughout your house is free of unwanted toxins, chemicals, and contaminants. Not only will your entire household enjoy the health benefits of clean filtered water in their bath, shower, and drinking water, your appliances will love you too.

Filtered water protects appliances from harmful chemical and residue build up, potentially extending their life. This includes your fridge, washing machine, dishwasher and other water appliances.

Can a whole house water filter system also remove fluoride?

Not unless you move to a whole house reverse osmosis filter system, we do not recommend using a single drop in filter. This type of filtration requires 'contact time' with the filter media to be effective. In whole house systems, the filter media will not have sufficient contact time with the water to be effective.

You should be wary of companies offering fluoride removal in whole house systems. This is highly questionable, and the filter may not be removing what they say it does.

If fluoride removal is important to you, consider adding an additional under sink water filter system, such as the Aquakleen Triple Fluoride or Aquakleen Reverse Osmosis systems to ensure all of your drinking water is treated for specialised fluoride reduction.

What do I need to know when installing a whole house filter system?

Ensure your plumber installs a filter bypass so you can access your water unfiltered at all times by diverting the supply away from the filters and straight out of your mains. In the event of a fire, it’s critical your water pressure is at optimum level and not compromised by the filter system. In addition to this, you may not want to waste your filter life with things like filling up your pool, washing the car, or watering the garden.

Can I change the filter cartridges in my whole house filter system myself?

Absolutely. All of our whole house filter systems come with a spanner and pressure relief valve to make filter changes easy for the most handiwork challenged. We recommend you ask your plumber to show you how to do this when your system is first installed.

How do UV filters work? When do I need one for my whole house?

A UV filter sterilises water that passes through it by using UV light to kill microorganisms, without adding chemicals to your water. As most mains treated water uses chlorine or chloramines to do this, a UV filter is not necessary for most people.

UV filters are highly effective for properties on fresh water supply or tank water, which requires additional water sterilisation after a specialty pre-filtration system.

Will I lose much water pressure when I install a whole house filter system?

Water pressure is a critical factor when moving to a whole house filter system. The simple rule is, the more contaminants you want removed from your whole house, the smaller micron size the filter will need to be. And the smaller micron size filter is, the more likely it is to reduce your household water pressure.

We usually recommend that your whole house filter system removes most of what you want without compromising your water pressure, and install an additional under sink water filter system which deals with a broader range of contaminant removal for your drinking water.

Where should I install my whole house water filter system?

Your whole house water filter system should be installed under cover to protect it from UV and weather damage, and in an area easily accessible for filter change and servicing. Most whole house filter systems are installed under the eaves against the building similar to where your hot water supply and other external household systems are located.

How often do I need to change the filters in my whole house water filter system?

Our whole house water filter systems come with pressure gauges for each filter. The first obvious sign you’ll notice when a filter is due for changing is a water pressure reduction throughout your house. Rather than have a guessing game of which filter is causing the blockage, the pressure gauge will tell you which one is in need of change by its indication of low pressure on the gauge dial.

Every home is different, and frequency of filter changes depends on your water quality and water usage. On average, most filters should last 6 to 12 months.

I want to install a filter system for my whole house but don’t know where to start. What do you recommend?

When choosing the right filter configuration for your home or building, the first thing to determine is what you want to remove from your water and why. There are many different types of filters available for a whole house system that all do different things.

Once you determine what you want removed, then look at the most effective way to do it, whether it be in one stage (a single filter) or a two or three stage system. If you only want dirt and particle size reduced in your water, for example, a single stage may be sufficient.

If you’re on tank water and require a specialised system that also removes viruses & bacteria, you will need a three stage system. You'll also need a three stage system if you’re on mains treated water and need sediment and chlorine reduction.

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