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Practical, hygienic and energy efficient, we stock a wide variety of Zip Water taps and wall-mounted units for instant boiling water. With taps designed specifically for residential and commercial environments, we can recommend the perfect solution to suit your site. Get in touch for a recommendation.


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Zip Water’s taps have won several awards for their innovative designs and market-leading efficiency.

We offer trusted advice and tailored drinking solutions

For 30 years, The Water People have been fitting homes and businesses with filtered water stations. We begin every consultation by attentively listening to the unique needs of our clients. Seek our help, and we’ll offer you product recommendations, servicing schedules and rental contracts tailored to the needs of your site, staff, customers and loved ones.

  • Cutting-edge products, including HydroTap G5 boiling-only taps
  • We supply all Zip Water taps and boiling tech components
  • Long-term partnerships ensure ongoing post-purchase support
  • Manufacturer-approved technicians and 3-year warranties
  • Flexible rental contracts with no term limits
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For the ultimate in luxury taps, there’s only one choice

Zip Water has been treating Australians to stylish taps for over 80 years. Founded on our shores, they’ve led the industry in innovative new designs that stress aesthetics, versatility, practicality, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Their HydroTap G5 boiling-only model, for example, consumes half as much energy as the prior model. Better still, their bespoke 0.2-micron filtration system cleans foul odours, tastes and 99.9% of bacteria.

  • Hands-free models mitigate microbial spread
  • Eight decades of award-winning innovation
  • MicroPurity filter strips chlorine, bacteria and limescale
  • Retains water-soluble fluoride for dental health
  • Energy-efficient, budget-conscious designs
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions or need some advice on the best product for you, get in touch. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help.

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We are your full-service specialists

From delivery to installation to ongoing maintenance, The Water People can ensure that your Zip Water instant hot water taps are always in perfect condition.

Zip taps servicing

Zip hot water taps suit all industries

Instant boiling water is certainly a boon when brewing your first cup of coffee in the morning, but quick access to hot water is also critical in many commercial settings.

Zip Water’s instant boiling water taps are robust and reliable enough to be the ideal water dispenser for businesses in essentially all commercial industries. Engineered to withstand high use and with filters that only need to be changed twice a year, Zip’s sink and wall-mounted hot water dispensers make convenient amenities in restaurants, offices, residential facilities and even temporary workplaces like construction sites.

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Frequently asked questions

How wide is your service area?

The Water People’s service area covers almost all of Australia. We deliver to and service all capital cities and major towns, and can also attend to most regional towns. Reach out to our team for confirmation that you’re within our service area.

How do Zip hot water taps boil water?

Zip Water’s latest generation of hot water taps using their unique PowerPulse™ technology. Unlike most other heating elements, the PowerPulse™ element heats the water using brief pulses of heat, which allow the system to heat water to the precise degree you’ve requested. While it can do this extremely quickly, the pulses of energy ensure that the system doesn’t use any more energy than is necessary.

When should I replace my Zip Water filters?

Zip filters used in residential settings should be changed yearly. But filters in high-use commercial settings should be changed every six months.

The Zip Water HydroTap G5 has an automatic alert to let you know when your filter needs to be replaced.

Can I change the filter cartridges myself?

Yes, you can change the filter on your own. However, it may be more time efficient to let our technicians handle it if you need multiple filters changed across your business site.

Do you sell replacement Zip filters and CO2 bottles?

Yes, The Water People carry all Zip Water replacement components, including filters. You can order them directly through us for delivery.

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