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Boiling and ambient Zip taps

Discover a range of practical, hygienic, and energy-efficient Zip Water taps and wall-mounted units for instant filtered boiling and ambient water. Whether for residential or commercial needs, we'll recommend the ideal solution. Contact us for personalised advice.


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Trust Zip Water’s award-winning solutions

Zip Water has won many awards for its innovative design and technology, showing its dedication to safety, hygiene, and practical design. Zip Water’s taps have won several awards for their innovative designs and market-leading efficiency.

Product guidance from the Zip experts

With more than three decades of experience, The Water People have cultivated enduring partnerships with customers who rely on our expertise to tailor filtered water solutions to their specific requirements. Whether you're outfitting your home kitchen or a commercial establishment, we stand prepared to provide the perfect hot and cold water tap solutions for your needs.

  • Huge range of filtered ambient and boiling water dispensers
  • Zip Water-approved with generous 5-year warranties
  • We supply and install all Zip Water taps and filters
  • Post-purchase support without burdensome servicing contracts
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Creating industry-leading water systems for 8 decades

Founded in Sydney in 1947, Zip Water has maintained its leadership in the instant water industry for decades. Their inventive solutions cater to diverse commercial and service sectors, earning widespread acclaim for their high-flow, instant boiling, filtered, ambient, chilled and sparkling water systems across Australia.

Zip Water has also established itself as a top-tier supplier of instant water systems in the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia, and the Middle East, solidifying its status as a paragon of excellence in the industry.

  • Exceptional filtration, capturing particulates as small as 1/5000th of a millimetre
  • Removes unwanted odours and tastes while retaining fluoride content
  • Modern, energy-efficient models consume less than 50% of the energy of previous versions
  • Hands-free sensor taps for enhanced hygiene and accessibility
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty for your peace of mind
  • Over 75 years of industry-leading innovation at your service

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If you have any questions or need some advice on the best product for you, get in touch. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help.

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We're here as your full-service experts

From delivery and installation to continuous maintenance, The Water People guarantees that your Zip Water instant ambient and hot water taps remain in impeccable condition at all times.

Zip taps servicing

Instant boiling water and ambient systems

Instant boiling and ambient water taps are versatile solutions tailored to the unique needs of various industries. 

In the hospitality sector, these taps elevate the guest experience by offering instant access to hot water for beverages and maintaining precise water temperatures for culinary excellence. In healthcare settings, they ensure hygienic access to hot water for various medical purposes. Offices benefit from the convenience of instant boiling and ambient water for improved employee hydration and productivity. 

No matter the industry, instant boiling and ambient water taps enhance functionality and well-being, making them a valuable addition to any workspace or facility.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you install Zip taps in my area?

We provide installation services for Zip taps in your specific area. Our extensive coverage ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of Zip Water taps no matter where you are.

How often must I change my Zip water filter?

The frequency of the Zip Water filter changes depends on your usage and setting. In most residential situations, it's typically recommended to replace filters annually to maintain water quality. A filter change every six months is advisable for commercial locations with heavier usage to ensure optimal performance.

Can I change the filter myself, or do I need a technician to do it for me?

You have the flexibility to change Zip filters yourself; our Zip Water filter replacement process is user-friendly. However, if you prefer professional assistance or want to ensure a hassle-free experience, our technicians are readily available to handle the replacement for you. Your convenience and water quality are our priorities.

What is ‘ambient’ water?

 'Ambient' water refers to water served at room temperature, without being heated or chilled. It's a versatile option suitable for various purposes, from drinking to cooking. This temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, making it a neutral and comfortable choice for a wide range of applications in your daily life.

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