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Zip Water’s versatile range of chilled taps suits every setting, from homes and apartments to commercial hospitality, office and public environments. Choose from push-button, lever-controlled and hand-free models for maximum convenience, accessibility and hygiene. Get in touch for a recommendation.


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Zip Water’s stunning cold water taps have won numerous design awards and have repeatedly been recognised for their energy and water efficiency.

Our trusted experts offer independent and tailored advice

The Water People have built a sterling reputation over 30 years as trusted and client-focused specialists. We make product recommendations and design solutions based on the unique needs of each client. As an approved Zip Water installer, we understand precisely if and how these innovative cold taps might be the perfect solution for your site.

  • Wide range of products, including ChillTap bottle fillers and chilled public fountains
  • Our long-term partnerships offer ongoing security
  • Flexible rental contracts for commercial and public settings
  • Order all taps, filters and maintenance directly through us
  • 3-year parts warranty. 5-year internal tank warranty. Ts & Cs apply.
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Why settle for anything less than frosty luxury?

Founded in Australia, Zip Water has been one of our most innovative tap designers since 1947. With every generation of new designs, they make genuine technological advancements that make even our experts rethink the possibilities of the humble tap.

Zip Water’s new-gen HydroTap chilled water taps consume 50%+ less energy than earlier models, and their bespoke filters easily purify your water of odours, tastes, and bacteria and grit 1/5000th of a millimetre in size. 

  • Award-winning sensor taps protect against viral spread
  • Eight decades of industry-leading innovation
  • MicroPurity 0.2 filters out 99.9% of water cysts
  • Filters foul pollutants but retain tooth-saving fluoride
  • Highly energy-efficient designs
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions or need some advice on the best product for you, get in touch. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help.

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We’ll keep your chilled water taps flowing cool and clear

The Water People are a full-service drinking water tap and filtration specialist. Order your Zip ChillTaps and cold water taps through us, and you can rely on us for ongoing support anywhere in Australia.

Zip taps servicing

Premium chilled water taps for all industries

Chilled water is a soothing luxury at home when you’re making a cool drink on a summer’s day or a cluster of cocktails to loosen up a dinner party. But in the commercial industries, efficiency can make or break a business. 

Zip Water’s cold water taps, bottle fillers and water fountains are suitable for every site. They offer instant access to still or sparkling cold water, chilled to adjustable degrees, with hygienic and accessible designs. We have a chilled water dispenser for every setting, from public playgrounds to hotel bathrooms to commercial food prep stations.

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Frequently asked questions

What is your service area?

Our service area covers most of Australia, including all capital cities and most regional towns. Get in touch with our team for more specific details.

How do Zip cold water taps chill water?

Zip Water chilled taps using their unique Direct DryChilling technology. The underbench component creates a closed refrigeration system around an aluminium MicroChannel Condensor. The condenser rapidly transfers heat away out of the water delivered from your mains, cooling it to the temperature you’ve selected.

How often should I change my Zip Water filters?

Zip Water filters in low-use settings, like homes, can be changed yearly. Filters in high-use settings, like commercial businesses, should be changed every six months.

The HydroTap G5 mixed and chilled water taps have an in-built filter replacement alert system.

Can I change the filters myself?

Yes, it’s possible to change your filters yourself. However, we’re always available to take that task off your plate.

Where can I buy replacement Zip HydroTap filters and CO2 bottles?

You can purchase Zip Water taps and filters directly through The Water People.

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