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The Zip HydroTap Micro is a two-part work of art. Above the bench is the stunning faucet, boasting newly designed tap features for accessibility, safety and hygiene. But the best is below the bench. Their smallest system yet, the Zip Micro’s filtration and temperature control unit is small enough to fit under almost any bench but still delivers perfectly boiling water, or boiling & chilled filtered water.

It’s the perfect filtered drinking water system for small offices, worksites or residences.


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Zip Water has already won plenty of prestigious design awards for its products. Still, the Zip Micro is in a league of its own, having won gold at the 2020 Good Design Awards in the Product Design, Domestic Appliance category.

No shortlist is complete without a new Zip Micro

We offer more than just supply and installation services. Our clients trust us to make the effort to understand their unique site needs and recommend the ideal solution. One of the more common challenges we face is limited space. 

Small commercial businesses, offices, homes, and apartments only have so much underbench space to utilise. The spaces are too small for most filtered water units — they’re even too small for most Zip units. But not the Micro.

  • The Zip Micro is 37% narrower than the standard HydroTap BC 100/75 underbench unit.
  • The system is efficient enough to filter boiling and chilled water for a 10-person space.
  • Excellent water pressure: Min 150kPa - Max 700kPa.
  • Automatic and manual fill options
  • Intuitive twist activation and safety lock
  • Delivers 90 boiling cups per hour

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8 decades of excellence

Zip Heaters was founded at the end of the Second World War but only expanded into the Zip Water brand we know today in the 60s. They haven’t wasted a day in their eight decades. With their unparalleled design experience and precise manufacturing standards, they’ve created some of Australia's most sought-after residential, commercial and industrial filtered drinking water systems.

  • 0.2-micron MicroPurity filters strip 99.9% of bacteria and water cysts
  • Chlorine and odour filters deliver pure-tasting water
  • Antimicrobial touchpads and controls are perfect for high-traffic settings
  • Multiple energy-saving modes deliver economical excellence
  • Award-winning designs elevate every setting


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While we’re based in Victoria and New South Wales, we have built a nationwide network of vetted and qualified plumbers and technicians. Whatever you need, wherever you are, The Water People will be there to help.

Zip taps servicing

Zip Micro tap and filter systems excel in all industries

The Zip Micro HydroTap system is a highly versatile solution thanks to its size. We’ve installed these systems in various spaces, and you’ll see some of the industries we’ve worked with below.

But rest assured that neither the Micro system nor the Zip brand are our only offerings. The Water People offer Australia’s most comprehensive range of filtered drinking water systems designed by leading domestic and international brands. 

Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll recommend or customise the perfect system for you.

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Frequently asked questions

What temperatures does the Zip Micro system dispense?

The Zip Micro filtered drinking water system offers:

  • Boiling water
  • Boiling & chilled water

How often will I need to change the Micro’s water filters?

The Zip Micro is designed to service a 10-person space, delivering up to 90 cups of filtered boiling water per hour. At that rate, we recommend changing the filters every 6-9 months. 

You can order the appropriate Zip filters online through The Water People.

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