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Zip HydroTap Touch-Free Wave tap

Zip’s premium sensor-activated drinking water tap


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No matter how hygienic our colleagues may be, high-traffic workplace settings always present a risk of contagion. Shared amenities like kitchenettes and drinking stations are hotspots for contagions. 

The Zip HydroTap G5 Touch-Free Wave safeguards your site with its sanitary sensor taps, which provide instant access to boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered drinking water. A simple wave before the smart infrared sensors is all you need to do.


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The Touch-Free Wave was recently recognised at the Australian Good Design Awards, where it was commended for being a “standout project that ticks all the boxes for good design”.

Award-winning Zip touch-free taps installed by experts

The Zip Wave’s touch-free operation controls are as crucial for accessibility as they are for hygiene. The head of the faucet has three distinct and marked sensor zones, allowing you to choose between boiling, chilled or sparkling water. The powerful HydroTap G5 underbench system heats and chills water instantly, so you won’t have your precious time wasted waiting for the building’s hot water system to kick in.

Zip has trained and accredited The Water People’s installers to ensure your new system delivers all the benefits you expect from their premium products.

  • Guarantee efficiency with an internal advanced auto-diagnostics system
  • Water-efficient air-cooled system
  • Set temperature levels to your preference
  • Unique 0.2-micon MicroPurity filters
  • Secure your system with pin-code protection
plumber from the water people

Zip has been defining innovation for nearly 80 years

The first iteration of the Zip brand was Zip Heaters, formed in Sydney just after the Second World War. Their humble operation designing water heaters for bathrooms and commercial kitchens quickly gained a reputation for quality. New management in the 60s saw the industry-leading potential within Zip’s design and manufacturing teams, and they’ve been delivering award-winning systems ever since.

The Touch-Free Wave is just the latest in a long line of exceptional systems that deliver pure-tasting water to homes and businesses across Australia. Though each comes with its own unique features, all Zip systems are designed to the highest standards.

  • IP68-rated push buttons
  • Antimicrobial touchscreen controls
  • 0.2-micron MicroPurity filters
  • Multiple energy-saving settings
  • Eliminates 99% of sediment, odours, colours and chlorine


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If you have any questions or need some advice on the best product for you, get in touch. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help.

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We service clients across Australia

We have multiple offices throughout Victoria and New South Wales — but our national network of approved plumbers and technicians can reach practically all metropolitan and regional areas in Australia.

Zip taps servicing

We deliver filtered, pure-tasting water at any venue

The Zip Touch-Free Wave is an extremely versatile system that’s as appropriate for a five-person home as it is for a 100-person office. But it’s not the only commercially rated system we offer.

Let’s schedule a consultation. Chat with our specialists at a convenient time, and tell us your site’s demands (capacity, accessibility needs, hygiene concerns, etc). We’ll recommend the best filtered drinking water systems from our wide range of brands.

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Frequently asked questions

What finishes does the Zip Touch-Free Wave come in?

The Touch-Free Wave is available in shining chrome and two-tone matte black.

What water combinations does the Zip Touch-Free Wave come in?

The Touch-Free Wave comes in the following water-type combinations:

  • Boiling water
  • Chilled water
  • Boiling and chilled water
  • Chilled and sparkling water
  • Boiling and ambient water
  • Boiling, chilled and sparkling water

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