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Zip is already renowned for the hygienic features baked into their designs. But their premium Zip HydroTap UltraCare system is truly in a league of its own. The UltraCare drinking water system boasts multistage water filtration and purification capabilities. It delivers absolutely pure filtered drinking water, free of all bacterial pathogens and waterborne grit.

When recommending drinking water taps and filter systems for immunocompromised and vulnerable clients (such as aged care residences and healthcare facilities), the Zip HydroTap UltraCare system always makes our shortlist.


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Zip Water’s practical and hygienic designs have been recognised time and again. They’ve taken their best features, refined and developed them, and combined them to create the UltraCare tap, filter and underbench system.

Our Zip-accredited team will install your UltraCare system

The UltraCare underbench system is a sleek and refined yet robust system. Fitting one into your facility isn’t quite as simple as replacing a tap. We’ve had our installation team trained and approved by Zip’s own specialists to ensure we’re capable of correctly installing their systems in any space.

With our expert installation services and ongoing support, you’ll be able to benefit from every feature of your new UltraCare system.

  • Stage 1 sanitisation: 0.2-micron MicroPurity filtration
  • Stage 2 sanitisation: Antimicrobial protections on key water-contact surfaces
  • Stage 3 sanitisation: MicroPurity UV-C LED disinfection
  • Eliminates 99% of pathogens (legionella, salmonella, VRE, CPE, etc.)
  • Ongoing maintenance by qualified specialists to guarantee effectiveness
  • Delivers chilled, boiling, sparkling and ambient filtered water

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Zip Water’s innovations have defined the industry

The Zip brand has existed since the Second World War. After eight decades of innovation, they’ve developed a product range to service all residential, commercial and industrial needs. 

There’s no secret to their award-winning success; their dedication to detail has always been their ticket to success. 

  • IP68-rated push buttons
  • Antimicrobial touchscreen controls
  • 0.2-micron MicroPurity filters
  • Multiple energy-saving settings
  • Eliminates 99% of sediment, odours, colours and chlorine


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Alongside our in-house team of filtered drinking water system specialists, we have a list of vetted and approved plumbers spanning Australia.

Zip taps servicing

Filtered drinking water for all homes and businesses

While the Zip UltraCare’s comprehensive water sanitisation features make it ideal for businesses within the healthcare industry, it provides exceptional value no matter where it’s installed. 

As recent history proves, health and hygiene should always be taken seriously, especially if we’re responsible for others. If you’re the owner or site manager for a high-traffic commercial business or industrial site, get in touch for a consultation and recommendation for the perfect Zip filtered drinking water system.

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Frequently asked questions

What faucets does the Zip UltraCare system attach to?

The Zip UltraCare system can be fitted to three Zip faucet designs:

  • The HydroTap Touch-Free Wave
  • The HydroTap Classic Plus
  • The HydroTap Classic with accessible levers

What is the Zip UltraCare system’s service capacity?

The Zip UltraCare is a commercially rated filtered drinking water system and is capable of providing enough instant chilled or boiling water for 21-40 people per day.

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