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Undersink Water Filters

Crystal clear results from concealed, undersink water filter systems

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undersink filters

Our Undersink Water Filters

Out of sight is out of mind - until you taste our water. Our undersink water filter range is designed to do the heavy lifting of keeping your drinking water free from contaminants, off stage.

They don't need the limelight. They won't steal your bench space. They won't impact kitchen aesthetics, unless it's with a stylish tap. They just deliver results. Unseen. Unheard. And unmistakable.

Our undersink water filters:

  • Improve clarity, odour, and taste
  • Remove a range of unwanted water contaminants
  • Are fully customisable to suit your individual water filtration needs
  • Convenient and practical

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is an undersink water filter system different to a reverse osmosis filter system?

A water filter system is made up of one or more specialty filters that are designed to remove or reduce specific contaminants depending on the filter media and the filter micron rating of each filter. The majority of water filters range in rating size from 20 microns down to 0.2 microns. The smaller the micron rating, the less contaminants can pass through.

Water filters smaller than a 0.2 micron rating are not typically recommended as they can reduce your water pressure too much, resulting in very slow water flow and too frequent filter changes due to blockages.

While may people are very happy with the level of water filtration achieved by a good quality water filter system, If your needs require the purest of filtration, whether for medical or general health reasons, we recommend the Aquakleen Reverse Osmosis system as it removes much more than a water filter system.

A reverse osmosis water purification system uses regular water filters as well as a membrane that has a much smaller micron rating than a water filter, often as small as .0005 micron. After the water passes through the pre-filters, it then passes through the membrane, followed by another one or two speciality filters at the end.

The membrane reverses the natural water flow and isolates the contaminated water. The contaminated water is then dumped as wastewater, and the purified water is stored in a tank for use on demand.

Can a new water filter system be attached to my existing mains kitchen tap? Do I need an additional tap?

Yes, a new water filter system can be attached to your kitchen tap without an additional tap. However, we will always recommend that your filtered water tap be made separate. You can also install a three-in-one mixer tap solution to facilitate mains hot and cold and filtered water.

To prevent bursting and blowouts, water filters need to be at a much lower pressure than mains water. Running mains and filtered water in tandem off the same tap will result in very poor pressure for mains water.

Additionally, using filtered water from an existing for washing up and watering plants is a waste. You'll burn through filters very quickly, leading to an increase in maintenance costs and filter changes.

How should I store my water filters if I'm going away on holidays for a period of time?

As the filters are housed in a wet, sealed casing, they can promote bacteria growth if unused for a period of time.

If your water filter is one of the drop in style filters (not the disposable quick connect type) we recommend removing it, rinsing it and storing it in an air tight bag in your fridge. This will extend the life of your filter and minimise bacteria growth while you are away. Remember to flush the filter through by leaving the water run for up to 15 minutes when you return before installing it once again.

Where are my water filters manufactured?

For the most part, in the USA. The USA has incredibly high standards and strict regulations, meaning that their filters are produced to the highest possible quality. However, other countries are catching up and can provide cheaper alternatives than the American made filters.

At The Water People, we only stock filters that have been independently tested and certified. If you have concerns over budget, we can work with you to find the right product that balances affordability and quality in equal measure.

How often should I change my water filters?

This will largely depend on two main factors. Usage and water quality. A water filter is a consumable and, much like opening a packet of food, once it is in use it does have a limited lifespan.

Depending on what the filter is and what position it is in will determine the frequency as well. For standard filters for commercial use, we recommend changing the filters at least every 4 to 6 months. At home, every 6 to 12 months is appropriate. Other filter systems such, as reverse osmosis or additional alkalisers, require changing only every 2 years, or every 3 to 4 years.

Keep in mind, there are other factors as well. You best bet is to touch base with your water filtration specialist to understand the right schedule for filter changes.

Who changes my undersink filters?

Filters are easy to change and you can do this yourself without too much time or effort. You can find tutorials online, or one of our technicians can show you the ropes after a service visit. just make sure your turn the water supply off before you begin changing filters. Always ensure that all components have been tightly screwed in before you finish.

If you'd rather let a professional take the reigns, contact us. We can send our service team out to ensure that you are always getting the best out of your system.

Reverse osmosis removes everything from the water. Can I return good minerals to the water before I drink it?

As a reverse osmosis system only allows particle sizes smaller than .0005 micron to pass through the membrane, there is not much left in the water and minerals can be stripped during the process. While you shouldn’t merely rely on your drinking water for your minerals in your diet, if this is a concern for you the solution is simply adding a mineralizer filter after the tank to return the good minerals to the water.

Should I remove fluoride from my drinking water?

This debate has been raging for many years and there are two polarised points of view. We do not take a side, but provide the following information for you to make up your own mind. Fluoride is used to prevent tooth decay and is inorganic. Banned in many countries, fluoride was once disposed of as toxic waste and Australia is now one of the most heavily fluoridated countries in the world.

On the other side of the coin is the National Health and Medical Research Council’s view that the small levels of Fluoride in drinking water are safe. The Council also believe that children have a 45% greater risk of developing cavities without Fluoride.

We suggest you do your own research and if you do want fluoride removed from your drinking water, we help you with this with one of our specialised water filter systems or reverse osmosis system. Contact us and we'll find the right fluoride removal system for you.

Do you supply your undersink filters Australia wide?

Yes. While our head office is based in Melbourne, we have service technicians Australia wide which cover most locations. We also ship Australia wide so you can hire a local professional to install your undersink water filter for you.

What options do I have for ongoing filter replacements?

Our goal is to make changing water filters as easy as possible for you. We keep meticulous accounts of your filters and will let you know when they need to be changes.

Here are some options available to you:

  1. Replace the water filters yourself by joining our exclusive club. We'll mail the filters to you directly when the time comes.
  2. We can send you an email letting you know when you are due for a change. Follow this up with a phone call order, emails, online orders, or a visit in-store.
  3. For a low service fee, our service team can change your filters every 6 to 12 months as you require.

Why Choose The Water People

We are experts in all types of water filter technology. From basic undersink water filters to the most advance reverse osmosis systems on the market, we have it all.


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Our team of fully qualified installation technicians can install your new undersink filter and provide ongoing maintenance and servicing. We can make sure your system will keep flowing perfectly.

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