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Expert Advice

We provide independent and unbiased advice, we don't just recommend the same brand for everyone. We have extensive product knowledge and recommend the right system for your needs.

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Professional Installers

Our fully qualified technicians provide expert installation and servicing for our entire range of products. You can rest assured they will get the job done right.

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Premium Products

We only supply high-quality water coolers and filters. All our products have a proven record for reliability, and our water coolers are backed by manufacturer warranties.

See our range of Water Coolers

Our Filtered Water Coolers

Our new generation water coolers provide refreshing chilled and ambient filtered water, or chilled and hot water with minimum fuss and maximum convenience.

Clean, green and cost effective, our water dispensers eliminate the hassle associated with traditional bottle replacement systems. No environmental waste. No storage or collection issues. No safety issues, replacing heavy bottles. No delivery fees. Just clean, filtered, invigorating water, whenever and wherever you need it.

Our water coolers:

  • Allow you to access a combination of chilled and ambient or chilled and hot filtered water, instantly
  • Promote a healthy work environment around the office
  • Are available as free-standing or benchtop water coolers
  • Are cost effective - save money on bottled water
  • Easily maintained and serviced
  • Offer 12 month to 3 year manufacturer warranties
  • Reduce storage and recycling, by eliminating water bottles

Frequently Asked Questions

What colours do your water coolers come in?

Our Waterlux range of water coolers come in white and our Waterlux Trend water coolers come in a modern black and silver finish. With the new addition of the Bibo bench mounted water cooler range, colour options now include black, silver, classic red, white, cream, cherry red, blue, green, yellow, and orange.

Do I have to add a filter system to my mains connected water cooler?

While you don’t have to add a filter to your water cooler, it is highly recommended. Not only does it make your drinking water taste better with added health benefits, but the filters also protect the internal tank from residue build up and potentially extends the life of your system.

Are your water coolers plumbed in so I have a continuous water supply?

Our mains connected water coolers give you continuous filtered and chilled water at all times, with no need to replace or top up bottles of water.

I don't have access to a mains water supply. What are my options for chilled water?

Without a mains water supply, a plugged-in bottled water cooler is the only way to go. Don’t waste your money on a water cooler that requires the ongoing purchase of water bottles; consider our top-filled bottled water coolers. Available in either floor-standing or bench-mounted models, they’re a great solution for any workplace that needs a quick and easy chilled drinking water solution.

How frequently do the filters need changing?

Most water coolers require filter changes at least every six months. If your water quality is exceptionally bad or you notice your water pressure has dramatically slowed down, you may require more frequent changes. However, over 90% of our water coolers manage nicely on changes every six months.

What warranties do your water coolers come with?

Our Waterlux range in both the Mains connected and Bottled water coolers come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. The Waterlux Trend and the Bibo counter top water coolers both come with a 12 month warranty.

How hot is the temperature on the hot and cold water cooler?

Most water coolers can only dispense a hot maximum temperature of 90 degrees C. While this is hot enough for most people, it is not boiling so please keep that in mind. The Bibo counter top system, however can reach a max temperature of 96 degrees C.

Can the filters be installed inside the water cooler so they are concealed from sight?

The Bibo water cooler has internal filters within the unit however the other mains connected water coolers do not. The water coolers are not designed that way and while there is little room inside the system, the compressor also heats up and can affect your filter life. Most filters on mains connected water coolers are mounted behind the unit for ease of quick change and out of sight.

What water pressure is recommended for your plumbed in water coolers?

Australian regulations recommend the water coolers be installed with a PLV (pressure limiting valve) of 350 KPA. This lowers the mains water pressure to ensure the internal tanks, fittings, and filters do not rupture or burst.

Can I add a cup holder on to the side of my water cooler?

Yes, our water coolers have cup holders available in black or white, and can be mounted to the side of the water cooler or on the wall beside it. We also provide boxes of Paper cups to accommodate your needs.

Do your water coolers require a drain?

No drain is required for our water coolers which makes plumbing them in much easier. All of our water coolers come with an easy to clean, removable drip tray to collect any spillage.

Do your water coolers require a power point outlet?

Yes. All of our water coolers require a power point within one metre of the unit. The water cooler plugs into the power outlet to activate the internal chiller and hot water.

What are your options when it comes to changing my filters? Can I do it myself or do I need a technician to do this for me?

We aim to make it easy for you to change your filters to maintain your water health. We keep a record of when filters are due to be changed and you have three options for how you want to change them.

  1. You can choose to replace your filters yourself. If you join our Ezi Debit AUTO SEND club, we can automatically mail your filters out to you when they are due. We do not charge any postage Australia wide for this regular service and your payments are handled via our direct debit payment system.
  2. We send you an email when your filters are due and you can order over the phone, send us an email, come in store, or order online.
  3. Our fully equipped Service Team can change the filters for you every 6 to 12 months for a low service fee plus the cost of the filters

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